Sparck Traineeship IT

New Traineeship From SPARCK Changes Your Vision Of IT

Increasingly, much of our daily life is being controlled, determined or enabled by technology. We enjoy 24/7 connections and expect the best online experience from the companies we visit digitally.

Whereas IT used to be looked upon as being set in its ways, more and more people are now seeing its true value. IT is about people working in an incredibly diversified environment where communication and problem-solving are center stage.

Moreover, a good IT strategy is indispensable for business, so the demand for well-qualified IT specialists is increasing.

SPARCK has launched a new traineeship scheme that focuses on retraining and updating talents within the exciting world of IT: a traineeship that is personal, offers good prospects and gives you freedom of choice in your career.

All we require from you is an analytical mind at an academic level. Of course, a background in computer science is an advantage too, but not a precondition!

Sparck traineeship van start

Our first trainees will start in March. They have a diverse range of backgrounds and work experience. For example, they have studied law, international studies, philosophy or literary translation. Over the coming months, these analytical groundbreakers will be immersed in an intensive SPARCK program. The traineeship will consist of different learning modules which will be used to chart a learning pathway together. You will not be straitjacketed in your choice, but instead, be given the freedom to do what really suits you.

If you want to develop yourself and your future, then please contact SPARCK for more information. Be quick, because the next group of trainees starts in June!