Sparck trainingslocatie in Bunnik

Learning in a perfect environment

SPARCK does things differently. We believe it is important that each member of the SPARCK family is able to develop in the best possible way. We do this by making you feel at home, so for this reason we use a beautifully renovated farmhouse for our traineeship programs.

During your traineeship in the farmhouse in Bunnik, we pander to your every need, but of course, you will be expected to work hard and learn. We believe in finding a good balance between work and relaxation. Our spacious dining area is perfect for training sessions and presentations, sharing ideas with your fellow trainees and coaches from the comfort of a sofa and, what’s more, the pool table is ready and waiting for personal challenges.

Sparck trainingslocatie in Bunnik

The farmhouse forms the backdrop for meeting fellow trainees, coaches and other ‘SPARCKERS’. Learning and developing together helps everyone energize and motivate each other in the best possible way. Learning from and with each other is an important aspect of our philosophy and we believe the farmhouse provides the perfect environment for this.

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