Sparck traineeship

Into IT with a Law Degree

Eric will start the IT traineeship with Sparck at the beginning of March: a traineeship that will give a new impulse to his career.

“Besides my law studies, I have always had broad interests, including technology and IT. I chose Sparck because of its personal character and honest story.”

In addition to a legal career, Eric has several other career change options up his sleeve, including an IT traineeship.

“After working in the legal sector for several years, I am ready for a new challenge, but it’s difficult to know whether it’s the right one. I’ve always liked immersing myself in the latest developments in technology and IT, and a career in IT has always attracted me. Sparck crossed my path at exactly the right time, offered me this opportunity and gave me the extra push I needed! I’m really looking forward to starting my traineeship in March!”