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Digitization continues at a frantic pace. Wherever you are and whatever you do, IT is everywhere. It’s the future. At SPARCK we help you develop this exciting future, whether you have IT experience or qualifications or not. If you are young, ambitious and analytical, SPARCK will help you transform your potential into specific opportunities. You will learn, work and share. Come and discover the endless possibilities of IT as part of our unique learn, work and share pathway for trainees and professionals.

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SPARCK Traineeships

SPARCK offers a unique learning pathway which simplifies the complex world of IT. After acquiring an all-round IT knowledge, you will go on to follow a learning pathway which is customized to your professional IT needs. You will put theory directly into practice, forming part of a project team that will teach you the ins-and-outs of the profession. At SPARCK it is about the totality of hard and soft skills, where your salary grows with your experience, qualifications and performance. Why not start exploring our learning pathways within IT and enrol immediately!

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SPARCK makes IT accessible, easy to learn and offers great potential. Our approach is unique: you determine your future, we provide the guidance; you enhance your prospects, we offer fantastic conditions; you help build the future, we stimulate your creativity. Don’t wait another moment to enrol!

Professionals who want to get ahead

Do you already have experience working in IT, but would prefer to seek out a new challenge in the IT industry? Do you have ambitions which cannot otherwise be adequately met? At SPARCK, not only will you be working for one of our major clients, we will be investing in your future and at the same time asking you to give coaching and guidance to others. Does building this future together appeal to you? If so, then contact us today.

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