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Together, we will establish a personalized learning pathway and discuss which specialization best fits your ambitions. We have identified four different specializations. You will be set puzzles, carry out research, develop and build together, often in the role of developer or architect.

Infrastructure Network & Cloud

The basis of IT. Whether we like it or not, we come into contact with IT infrastructures on a daily basis, sometimes consciously, but mostly subconsciously. They are all around us, visible or invisible. Binary data streams (ones and zeros) are linked to each other and exchanged. Over time, more and more devices (i.e. computers) are added to these networks. Keeping these information flows stable, fast, secure and cost-effective to facilitate this exchange of data requires a knowledge of cloud (or data center) services.

Integration & API

The beating heart of IT. The digital messenger from sender to receiver.

This specialization focuses on interaction, between devices, systems and companies and how they exchange information with each other. For any business to stay ahead in the digital world, this is a necessity. APIs enable you to program the best method of exchanging data, both internally between different departments and systems, but also externally with suppliers and customers. This means you will occupy a pivotal position within the dynamics of business projects to facilitate the best possible forms of digital communication. Interesting puzzles await!

Data & Analytics

Nowadays, almost every organization, large or small, however imperceptibly, collects data. Take data from social media for example, from customer contacts or from visitors to your webshop. Detailed analysis of this data can deliver major benefits to companies. The use of analytics for business matters is an increasingly important specialization, so we teach you how advanced analysis techniques can extract added value from data; not only by refining information and identifying opportunities, but also by making targeted data-driven decisions.

Web & Application

This specialization focuses on the front end of IT: how, for example, can contact with the customer be simplified and interaction with them maximized? This might involve building applications or programming websites and webshops, where customer experience is vital. This specialization will give you experience with different frameworks, programming languages and help you design user interfaces.

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