How to get started as a product owner or portfolio manager

As an organizer, it is your task to provide leadership, structure and balance to the work. You will develop valuable insights into project and program management and learn how to translate strategic business issues into day-to-day activities for your development team. Needless to say, this will not be without reference to the content-related aspects of IT that are part and parcel of your traineeship. Typical roles that meet your profile are: product owner, portfolio manager, scrum master, agile lead or consultant.

Product Ownership

It is your job to take responsibility for a specific IT product, through organization, communication and inspiration. You will learn how to keep your team up to speed, involve all stakeholders and also have hands-on control of day-to-day operations and new developments. You will develop skills to create a tight backlog that maximizes business value (return on investment).

Project and Program management

You will develop valuable insights into project and program management and improve your effectiveness in this area. Not only will you analyse various project management principles and methodologies, you will also apply them in a systematic and strategic way. We’ll also deal with how to design and implement improvement projects and programs, whilst prioritizing strategic objectives.

Finance, Portfolio & Sourcing

Acting as chief mastermind in transforming strategic objectives into specific backlogs for product teams, you will have a strong analytical mind and manage priorities and budget allocation at a strategic and tactical level. You will be responsible for defining a procurement strategy for existing and new IT services.

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