SPARCK is a platform for talent

IT talent needs to be nurtured. We allow talent to learn, work and share knowledge. We recruit, select and coach our IT trainees and professionals. For both trainees and professionals, we offer a unique combination of curricula that is fine-tuned to meet the individual’s needs. A key element of the curricula is the business context, which prepares the groundwork for both trainee and professional to work with future clients. Are you looking for IT talent? Then look no further than SPARCK!

Traineeships Professionals


Pieter explains how SPARCK came about:

“SPARCK was born of a passion for IT and an understanding that IT involves human interaction which can be organized more fairly and effectively. In my role as IT Director at Albert Heijn, I took enormous satisfaction from helping trainees and professionals. I was also involved in the search for candidates. How do I get started, what drives me, what is my passion? I’m delighted to play a role in that and empower other individuals.”

SPARCK offers a platform for talent. For trainees and professionals. It’s like uncorking a bottle of fine wine. Doing honest business, whilst providing exciting prospects.

What SPARCK understands by good prospects

SPARCK stands for fun, solidarity, integrity and growth. These building blocks help broaden prospects – both yours and ours – and stimulate further growth. SPARCK offers fantastic terms of employment and a working environment designed to inspire. Making the most of the opportunities we provide is a platform for growth, for example, by gaining qualifications, work experience and through performance. Below we have set out the growth pathway within SPARCK.


The candidate who is starting his career in IT. Goal is to invest and grow into professional.

Salary range 35-45K


A professional has at least two years’ experience working in IT as a developer or organizer.

Salary range 50-70K


This is an IT specialist with at least five years’ on-the-job experience. He or she has a clear specialization in a development or management position. This knowledge will be shared with professionals and help them through the learning pathway.

Salary range 65-90K


This is an experienced professional: an expert in their field. He or she excels in almost every way, providing inspiration and coaching to professionals and associates alike.

Salary range 90-120K

Our team

Freek Spaninks

SPARCK Trainee | Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Lara Leijtens

SPARCK Trainee | Business Analyst

Toine van Ooijen

SPARCK Trainee | Cloud Engineer

Yassir Taki

SPARCK Trainee | SAFe® POPM | Engineer

Annelies Pruis

SPARCK Trainee | Software Developer

Kirsten van Gelderen

SPARCK Trainee | Business Analyst

Jesse den Hertog

SPARCK Trainee | Scrum Master

Eelke t'Hooft

Cloud | AKS Operations Specialist

Siboud Abma

SPARCK Trainee | Product Owner | Scrum Master

Mikhalina Akulova

SPARCK Trainee | Cloud Architect

Evan Tsiampalis

SPARCK Trainee | DevOps Engineer

Alae Bohoudi

SPARCK Trainee | Business Analyst | Data Engineer

Harm Hendrik

Data Consultant | IT Trainee

Timur Kandaurov

SPARCK Trainee | DevOps Engineer Cloud Networking

SPARCK training location 

In addition to its head office in Almere, SPARCK also has a unique training site near Bunnik. This is an old farmhouse converted into an attractive living space with a modern look and feel. Not only does this put you at your ease, it’s a place of inspiration and motivation. Here our coaches and trainers will immerse you in the world of IT, sharing their knowledge and experience to prepare you for the real profession.

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SPARCK Believers

Clients who believe in the SPARCK philosophy. 

We work with major brands and multinationals in the retail and pharmaceutical industries. These companies choose to remain anonymous, but once you’ve started with us, we’ll fill you in with the details.